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Memorial Day weekend started early for us. My husband took a day off work, we poured our coffee into to-go cups and drove the kids to school on the way to the course. The golf course. To play golf.

I know! That’s what I said: I don’t play golf!

It all started at the school auction where my husband won several games at Top Golf. There’s only three in the U.S., and one of them is right in our backyard. The best I can describe it is that it’s like bowling, only with golf. We’ve had such great fun through this rainy spring season playing golf there with our kids.

Today was my first day on a real course. We played 9 holes on a par 3 (am I saying this correctly?). My husband gave me one of his monogramed golf balls to start. It took me 4 tries to hit it into the hole by the first flag.

On the second hole, concentrating very hard on all the things I’d been told (there’s so much to remember! Keep your left arm straight, relax, draw an imaginary straight line on the ground with the tip of your club as you swing, use your core to pull your swing, don’t try to kill the ball, make your club do the work for you, keep your eye on the ball, don’t lift your head…those of you who play have already heard all of this a gazillion times I’m certain. So I digress.), I wasn’t aware at first that I was no longer aiming at the monogrammed ball. Right about the time I noticed the sand trap, I saw he’d replaced the cute little sentimental ball with one stamped PRACTICE. !

Walking along the course, birds chirping background to a perfect Northern Virginia day, I caught myself really, really, really enjoying life.

We topped tonight off with dinner out with longtime and dear friends. Such a great way to start a holiday weekend. And even when it’s over, the end of the holiday means the opening of all the local pools and the beginning of summer. I love this time of year.

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day!


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  • christine - you are all so right! Sheila, my husband has the same fear! He bemoans that I picked the most expensive club in his bag to bond with, but the truth is I just bonded with the first one he handed me. Tony, it’s amazing how easy golf looks compared with how difficult it is to actually play, nevermind the exercise. By the 9th hole, I was tired and hungry. I didn’t find out until the 6th or 7th hole that I was tee-ing off from the “red” because I’m a girl, not because I was a beginner. So already I’m on a mission to be better than myself, just like you describe. Lillie-Beth, I so miss you! Absolutely, now we need to add golf to that list of things we promised we’d do someday — right behind visit that cabin you talk of and take the writer’s workshops!ReplyCancel

  • Lillie-Beth - I like golf and got to play on Saturday for the first time this year … If you got a bogey on your first try, then you’re going to be really good. If we’re ever in the same part of the country again, let’s play. … Are you guys staying in the D.C. area? Keep in touch. Thanks for the photography tip. Thanks for thinking of me. ~ Lillie-BethReplyCancel

  • tony - I have always wanted to play golf cause i am an athletic person, but man when i started i found it was actually the hardest of all the sports I have ever played cause i am playing myself. playing others is easy!ReplyCancel

  • Sheila Gebhardt - ….Bryan waited 5 years before he would teach me how to golf, he was afraid I would “like it” and new how costly it was. He was right, I loved it…I like to play nine holes, I am not a die hard but the best part by far is the scenery. We have seen and played beautiful courses. A very enjoyable sport 🙂ReplyCancel