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fun with profile pics on an iPhone

iPhone + built-in camera + ps mobile (photo fx, pixel perfect will work, too)
OR best camera
shakeit photo

total time: about 2 minutes

The original shot, taken with my iPhone’s built in camera with light from a west-facing window. Ideally, I would have been standing at a north-facing window, but I live in a townhome and all of our windows face west or east, so I improvised. Note: I held my phone slightly higher than eye-level and aimed it down at a slight angle.

Ideally, I prefer snapshots of myself to be overexposed by two stops, just to wash out some of the telltale signs of my 40ish years and sun-worship lifestyle. I can’t control exposure on my iPhone camera, but I have an app. Here’s the original shot run through PS Mobile with the exposure dialed up one full stop (I know, I just said I prefer two stops; keep reading):

Ideally, I prefer portraits shot nearly wide-open, careful to keep the focus on the eyes so they remain tack-sharp. I can’t control f-stops on my iPhone, so in this case, I used the “vignette/blur” setting in PS Mobile to sort of mimic my preferences. This setting adds some saturation kick, too:

Ideally, I would have achieved the whole look in ShakeIt Photo. When ShakeIt Photo came on scene last year, it brought with it a whole new experience in camera fun to my world. ShakeIt will add about a full stop of overexposure and a little bit of saturation kick, and of course randomly selects a fun square frame:

Ideally, I wouldn’t have saturated the color twice; and ideally, I would have brushed my lipgloss on with a little more care to keep it straight if I had known this was going to turn into an experiment and land on my blog; and ideally, the end result would be in black & white, so the deal-breaker of the over-saturation of colors would ultimately be rendered a moot point:

But for building a profile pic in two minutes on an iPhone with a couple of fun apps, I can certainly live with slightly less than ideal.