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Bogacki No. 5: 7 days 18 years

Welcome to the world, Ethan Joseph!

Ethan is the fifth child born to Dr. Russ and Dr. Katherine, 7 days old in these images, shot the day before his parent’s 18th wedding anniversary.

Very. Special. Family. 🙂


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  • Katherine - Thank you so much for another job well done. How many more kids do we have to go now??? I can’t wait for the proofs.ReplyCancel

  • Joan Baccay - He is an ANGEL..all the pictures are beautiful but, the picture of the three of you with his arm crossed to his chest..”PRICELESS”.ReplyCancel

  • Cecily - WOW!  How do you do it?  I love the second and third to the last shots… absolutely beautiful!ReplyCancel