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Levi, 9 months

A newborn when I met him, Levi is already 9 months old!  Levi is still in my most favorite, magical baby stage, just //pinch// this close to figuring out how to crawl off into todderland. His Mommy found the legwarmers at BabyLegs.com



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  • Vicki - You know I have to say this…..his hair reminds me of Mike’s 🙂 Cuteness to the max! Miss you friend!!!ReplyCancel

  • Tracy Jones - ADORABLE!!!!! He is such a cutie! Great Pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Abby - These are awesome! Very professional…. i feel like i should buy something from him 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Tracee - These pix rock! Levi is sooo sweet, I miss his little toes and big smile! Great photographer!!! Laura, you are lucky to have such beautiful kids and a talented woman to capture great pictures!ReplyCancel

  • Sally Clark - Cutest pics of a Rock Star ever!ReplyCancel

  • R Brown - These are wonderful! Memories that will last forever. I had to laugh when I saw the one with his feet. We have them captured!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Kelly - Ohhhhhh. I miss you little Levi! and all the other sweet kids. Can’t wait to see you in April. He is growing so fast. Love Grandma KellyReplyCancel

  • Sande Sima - I can’t believe he’s so big!! He certainly has his own personality, looks and I can’t wait to hold the little bugger!!


  • Sande Sima - Oh my goodness!! He is fabulous!!! I can’t wait to hold this little child and give him lotsa hugs. Your photographer is superb at catching just the precise essence of the moment isn’t she? I love it!!!!


  • rachel hockey - Love me some baby Levi! Great pictures of the little cutie.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Kelly - You have done it again!! Superb. Captured the essence of who he is perfectly. Thank you, Christine, for being such a vital part of this mother-of-four’s peace of mind that everyone will have pictures on the wall, no matter their birth order! 😀 You are not only fantastic at what you do, but hold a special place in my heart as well.ReplyCancel