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Andrew’s 13th birthday

At my wedding, Andrew and Charles were two-under-two (Marcella had yet to make her debut). Suddenly, we’re sitting around the pool at Andrew’s 13th birthday party, and my husband and his cousin marveled at how it was just yesterday that they were kids in that same pool. (Victoria told me the story of how my husband and his older brother switched the floaties from their younger brother’s arms to his ankles just for sport. We all had a good laugh about “where the kids get it.”)



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  • Juan Carlos Escandon - As a member of the family it is wonderfull to see how the new generation is developing. It is nice to see in their expressions a bright future. Well done.

    We in St. Louis hope to see you soonReplyCancel

  • Katherine - You were spot on about the lighting. It was perfect. Beautiful children, beautiful family, beautiful shots. Well done!ReplyCancel

  • christine - 🙂 wait’ll your box of prints comes in the mail!


  • Victoria - Hey, just thought you should know.. I looked at them four times today and cried each time………..ReplyCancel