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a new twist on an old favorite

I was particularly fond of the old “ice house” building (how could a Kappa resist an Ice House? 😎 ) and photographed it often during the years we lived there. it sits on the main drag in Altus, and marks the infamous border of squirrelly nighttime activities south of town. on this particular night, we finished shooting just as dusk was swallowing the setting sun. the police pulled up and, after seeing that our story of photographs checked out, let us continue on our way — but not before warning me that I shouldn’t be there with my equipment. (I did go back, twice, but with slightly dampened enthusiasm.)

of all the thousands of photographs from the Ice House, this little guy tops the list of my favorites.

[April 2008: sorry, slide show and photo didn’t survive the blog move!]


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  • Jeana Kay - I love it! These pictures are amazing! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • VIckie - Christine,
    This is so awesome! Is this something you are selling? I do think lots of people will want something like this! I love it!!! 😀 And I don’t think you could find better subjects!!! 😀 Thanks for sharing!ReplyCancel