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Gotcha Capitalism by Bob Sullivan

[UPDATE] No. 13 on the New York Times bestsellers list is “Gotcha Capitalism”! I got an email today from author Bob Sullivan telling me he was on a radio show the other day with Louie Free, who complimented him on the author photo that I took (Louie Free must’ve liked it, he put it on his website!)

Congratulations, Mr. Sullivan, on a bestseller! The first of many, I am to guess.

[Oct 17, 2007 post:]
Bob Sullivan is an award winning journalist who covers Internet scams and consumer fraud for MSNBC.com on his blog, The Red Tape Chronicles. He published his first book, “Your Evil Twin: Behind the Identity Theft Epidemic,” in 2004.

His latest book, Gotcha Capitalism, is a brilliant analysis of the hidden fees American consumers pay each day and what it means to each household’s bottom line at the end of the year. It’s available for preorder at Amazon.

If you really, really, really squint, you can read “Photo Credit: Christine Gacharna” in the publicity ad!

Gotcha Capitalism by Bob Sullivan




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  • Jaci Clark - Very cool! Louie Free does his show here in my hometown (Youngstown, OH) My hubby’s been on his show too. People really like him here. Glad he’s giving you some exposure. That’s awesome!


  • Christine - Mr. Sullivan came to our home for dinner last spring and we did the shoot afterward. He gave me the manuscript to read, which is why I can in good faith promote it as “brilliant.” What I liked most about it is that it’s not meant to be read page by page; although I ended up reading all the pages, it addresses different areas and one can skip around to whatever is timely or relevant. It’s not a rant. It definitely angered me, the outrageous unfairness of it all, but there’s a whole section on what to look for, what to do when it happens to you and how to be a smart consumer to avoid paying these ridiculous hidden fees in the first place.ReplyCancel

  • antisocialist - That is cool.

    Cool book.

    Cool photo.

    Cool post.

    When did you take this picture?ReplyCancel